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Going Green

Our office is environmentally conscious.

Reducing Paper Waste
Dr. Finley’s Family Eyecare has made efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in numerous ways. Our office is transitioning to Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) and we hope to go as paperless as possible this year. One way was by making our forms available online. You may fill them out on our website before your next visit and the information will transfer directly into our patient care software. We also have laminated forms with erasable markers that may be written on, scanned, and reused for hundreds of patients.

Frames from Recycled Materials
Our Going Green efforts do not stop with paper. We also stock a very unique line of frames made by Modo called ECO – Born Recycled. These frames are made of 95% recycled material. Modo has made and surpassed their goal to plant 1,000,000 trees in Cameroon by planting 1 tree for every ECO frame sold.

Recycling Old Glasses
Do you have glasses you don’t wear anymore? Lions Club is a volunteer organization that helps our community in a number of ways. One way is recycling your old pair of glasses and distributing them to those less fortunate. Your old glasses will shed new life for those in need. Dr. Finley’s Family Eyecare has a Lions Club eyeglass collection box inside its front door. All donations are greatly appreciated!