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Contact Lenses

Which one is right for you?

There are a wide variety of brands and types of contacts that may be used for 1 day, 2 weeks, 1 month or longer.  Contacts can correct near & far sightedness, astigmatism & presbyopia and come in different shapes, curvatures, colors, materials & prescriptions.

Dr. Finley’s Family Eyecare offers Contact Lens Evaluations with 3 months of free follow-up care to determine which one suits your needs best. The following are some choices of contact lenses Dr. Finley’s Family Eyecare provides:

Daily Contact Lenses

We recommend first and foremost soft daily contact lenses. This type of contact is to be worn once then thrown out after each use. Daily contact lenses are the safest, healthiest and most comfortable contact lens you can wear. There are less reports of eye infections for those who wear dailies and patients with dry eyes report to having a better experience with comfort. Our optometrists recommend brands such as Dailies Total 1, Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus, Biotrue and Freshday.

Monthly Contact Lenses

These soft contact lenses are capable of being used for 1 month. You will wear them each day, place them back into a contact lens case overnight to clean and hydrate, then place the contacts back on your eyes the next day. After 1 month, these lenses should be disposed of and replaced with a fresh set to prevent damage to your eyes. Our first recommendation is Bausch & Lomb’s Ultra monthly contact lens along with a few other brands.

2 Week Contact Lenses

Dr. Finley’s Family Eyecare does not recommend using 2 week lenses because there have been reports of these lenses causing more infections than others from over wear. They have a similar wearing schedule as monthly contact lenses but need to be replaced with a fresh pair every 2 weeks.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

Some prescriptions may call for rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. These contacts are similar to soft contacts but offer superior vision, durability, and greater resistance to mineral deposits. So why not fit everyone with RGP lenses? Well, soft contact lenses feel instantly comfortable when placed on the eye while RGP lenses have a longer adjustment period. Soft lenses also have better suction to your eyes than RGP’s and are great for those who have an active lifestyle. There are pro’s and con’s to both types and our optometrists at Dr. Finley’s Family Eyecare will determine which one best suits you.

Colored Contacts

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a different eye color? Dr. Finley’s Family Eyecare offers Air Optix Colors that come in nine (9) different colors.


Ortho-K or Corneal Refractive Therapy – CRT

Corneal reshaping, or corneal refractive therapy, is a safe, non-surgical and reversible process to gently reshape the surface of your eyes during sleep and provide clear vision during the day. Check out Paragon CRT’s website for more information.


Contact lenses are medical devices that are placed on your eyes and can correct your vision to 20/20. Contact lens wearers should be cautious and strictly follow instructions for proper care. Not doing so may cause bacterial infections that are hazardous to your eyes and sight. You should not try to “extend” the life of your contacts past the instructed period of use. We highly discourage sleeping in your contacts – even if that brand is marketed to saying you are able to (except CRT or Ortho-K). Your eyes need to take a break and breathe no matter how well oxygen flows through the contact to your eyes. You should always have a back up pair of glasses so you can give your eyes a break from contacts and also in case you are unable to wear your contacts.